The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival is a non-profit festival held every year in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to promoting Brazilian cinema in Hollywood. The 12th edition of the event screened short and feature films.
The theme for the 12th edition of the Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival was a response to the lack of monetary incentive that the Brazilian government provided for culture in the country. This edition was smaller than the previous one in the amount of feature and short films. I was tasked to create a poster using dark tones and a politically charged video introduction, aired at the beginning of the festival.
Using the comparison of the tunnel vision, the poster showed just that to present a film festival. The dark setting with the light at the end of the tunnel portrayed the general feeling of those in the industry about creating film in Brazil. The situation was harsh, but we believed in a brighter future. The video introduction animating the poster provided a better understanding of the message.
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