Ah Pashto is an established brand in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that uses a holistic approach to farming, producing high quality organic products, such as cow milk, goat milk and cheese, eggs and more.
The owner of Ah Pashto is a young biologist and farmer from the Savory Institute network, pioneering holistic farming in Brazil. He focused on producing superior goat cheese and selling them in both local markets and supermarkets. However, there was no actual brand associated with his cheese. His label had to be direct, but needed many regulatory licenses displayed. simplistic and direct, hence the typographic and clean look.
Per the client's request, the label's simplistic approach portrayed a humble view into the process of making and selling goat cheese. The typographic and clean look deviated from most illustrative labels commonly found in other goat cheese labels. The top label showed the most important information, while the bottom label contained production and consumption details.
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