Casca is a startup based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that provides a subscription model composting service for residents. The company's technological approach makes it easy for the client to compost, while also benefitting from a fidelity club for other services.
Having been a part of Casca's identity from the start, I knew the problems faced by a young company providing a service with organic waste. The startup passed through different phases before consolidating its model to the Rio de Janeiro public. The service lacked automatization and clarity making it difficult to scale. With new investment came a complete rebrand focusing on clarifying and making the service accessible to more clients in the region.
Competing with a much bigger player in the market, Casca had to show a simple solution to a problem that is still misunderstood to many. The rebrand had to bring character to the company to turn composting into a lifestyle, unassociated with bad service and waste. The first step was to run away from the classic shades of green that every socio-environmental company uses, and because composting is defined by the soil, an earthy palette was used. Photography was a major differential, where instead of using soil and composted waste, vivid fruits and vegetables took place.
Also, the logo had to bring light to the brand and run away from the simplistic old logo. The motto was to be bright yet crystal clear. A major remodel in the website also drove customers to interact more with the company and in turn sign-up. Instagram positioning and copywriting developed into a charismatic voice to young and older adults, with simple-to-digest content. The instagram base rose from 1800 to 3800 followers in three months.
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