Laura malin is a renowned Brazilian author who approached me with the idea of turning her name into something tangible. We worked together to create a brand where she would sell masterclasses and increase her visibility in the US.
              Brand Strategy & Positioning
              Logo Design
              Web Design
              Photography & Editing
Laura had lost access of her website long before, and consequently lost control of her brand. She wanted an easy to use website where she could make changes along the way and feed her blog. Her most important requests were a new photoshoot for future use and an e-commerce for her books and masterclasses. 
Because she has an audience in brazil and in the us, i translated her website for both languages. it was great knowing more about her professional track through her books and blog posts. 
as part of her rebrand/own brand she requested a business card that didn't mention her being an author. that says a lot about how she wants to be seen. let the books do the talking...

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