More on the manual side, I sculpt wooden objects that create a mirror-like vision emphasizing the human relation with hidden emotions and the environment, which are intrinsically connected. 
I believe complementing skills provide a better expression of how we really feel. Observing behavior generally unnoticed, I am fascinated by The way we express pain and happiness without noticing. As with design, sculptures communicate feelings about the world.
Diaper, 2022
Sculpted Fig tree with metal needle and chains.
Gallows, 2021
Araucária tree hung by rope in Cedrinho gallows with concrete base.
Bird, 2022
Braúna wood sculpture blocks balancing jackfruit tree branch.
Nest, 2022
Joao Teneném dead bird nest sprayed in red.
Ties, 2021
Barb wire bathed in copper wrapping mango tree trunk.
Asphyxiation , 2021
Saran wrap involved in beams extruding from araucaria log.

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