Simpli facilitates, with transparency, the online shopping experience. The financial product focused to the Brazilian market was based off financing options used in the US.
Buyers from different economic backgrounds can purchase instantly and manage payments with installments later, while also accumulating points.
the challenge was how to entice people to subscribe.
              Brand Strategy & Positioning
              Logo Design
              In-situ mockups
Not only did online shopping increased exponentially during COVID-19, but the demand for instant purchases opened a new market in the United States. As this trend made its way to Brazil, I was asked by two Rio-de-Janeiro-based entrepreneurs to help visually introduce the concept to the Brazilian market. 
Educating the generation z about instant purchase was the goal for this startup.
Simpli eliminates the checkout process with a click of a button. However, brand exposure is limited online to where the button is placed, on checkout. Bright colors were used to drive the eye on product pages. The chosen colors were a blend of power and simplicity - ease of use. The name hints what the product does, while the logo appeals to modern shoppers, curious to experience the product.

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